Elisa's Story

I am a self-taught artist originally from Texas, who moved to Springfield, Missouri in 2011 with my husband. We moved here to be near his family and to escape the extravagantly fast-paced lifestyle of the ever-growing and everchanging Dallas metroplex.  


After settling in, plus experiencing the carefree pace of Springfield, I decided to entertain my "free" time with a new hobby. In October 2015, I stumbled upon an art show being put on in the local area and fell in love over some of the watercolor paintings being sold. I became so inspired by the freedom and creativity behind each piece, I decided to try watercolor painting out myself. I found I not only enjoyed painting but I seemed to have a skill for it also! 


I began submitting my art for juried shows.  To my surprised delight, my art was selected and placed for an award. 

With support from my loving husband, I now create art full-time.  I am constantly working on improving my watercolor skills as well as experimenting with other mediums.  I push myself to grow and improve with every passing day. 


I am truly blessed to be living my dream!  I hope you will follow me on my journey.

Art By Elisa Kruger LLC

T:   (417) 350-9060

E:  artbyelisakruger@artbyelisakruger.com

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